Friday, 9 September 2011

Stay Handmade

This is a few months old now but I was asked by Etsy to make an image (amongst some other illustrators) for some tea towels to be made and handed out at some of their summer events.  If you've been to any you may have already picked one up.  Really pleased with the screenprinted result on the tea towel.


Annarack said...

I love this.....I want a tree house!!!

We Blog Artists said...

beautiful it.

Happy week-ending.

bcrane said...

Oh wow! Lovely. Really want one! :)

LittleCanoe said...

This is beautiful!

Hélène said...

I discovered your blog by Sandra Dieckmann 's website and I'm really happy cause you both are illustrators that I love ! Few weeks ago, I made an article about your creations :

I'm a big fan of your illustrations and I hope to see you soon on my blog !

Jamie Mills said...

Thanks very much everyone! Very much appreciated; I've got a few spare of them now so I may be offloading some soon.

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