Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Good Day Giveaway Winners

The pups decided that they wanted to choose the winners of mine and Sandra Dieckmann's giveaway. All the comments from mine and Sandra's blogs were put together and left for them to decide.



They chose Alice Potter as the winner of the fabulous day out, with second and third places going to Tabi and Lorien!  Massive thanks to everyone that left comments, we enjoyed reading about everyone's days and hope you all have a good day!  Get in touch or we'll be in touch or something along those lines if you are one of the winners.  


Annarack said...

Well done Alice you lucky thing :)
and also to the other winners too.
I can't wait to see your blog posts on your day out.

We Blog Artists said...

Congrats Alice.

Have fun on your day out!

Alice Potter said...

So excited! I like winning things :D

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