Monday, 28 February 2011


Hello.  I finally sorted my website out.  After realising that I actually know nothing about making a site from scratch I decided to go with Cargo, they make nice sites.  Have a look at my site HERE and let me know what you think; any glaring mistakes I may have made.  There might even be some work there that you haven't seen before.


Annarack said...

It looks fab.....nice and simple...very clear and well presented, just how I would do it. I must get on with my website now :)

Thom said...

I'm currently doing my own site, so I thought I would test my code reading and check your links work for you...however upon inspection your coding is just a massive block of text, so I just used the links as per normal. Have a look at the "illustration rally" link it has a
tag in it which causes it to get it's knickers all in a twist. Other than that all the links seem to be working fine. The images in the progress series only loaded halfway (though when I copy/pasted the image url and viewed it in a new tab the whole image was displayed. Maybe worth checking out, but to be honest this is probably a problem at my end-crap broadband-than your side)

Overall presentation is really good though, well done.

Jamie Mills said...

Glad you both like.

That's some extremely thorough inspection, Thom, I appreciate it. Will look into those links. I was planning on making it from scratch before realising that I knew absolutely nothing about building a website from scratch. Went with Cargo in the end - real simple, like.

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

nice nice!

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