Friday, 25 February 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates - will post some new stuff up as soon as.  If you're interested I do now have my Tree Time Tales illustration for sale as a print in my shop.  Hopefully be adding some more items there soon as well.  Lots to do!


natekitch said...

i like the ambiguity and monotone, it's a great image is it wax?

Jamie Mills said...

It's a photograph taken with a microscope of the inside of a rabbit skull (without meaning to sound too dark). As you say, I like the ambiguity of it as well! Obsessing over fractal patterns at the moment.

natekitch said...

oh thats very interesting, such wondrous patterns. im doing a project on narrative right now and am focusing on the moors murders and child abduction so i understand the interest in morbid subject. (again don't think i am too dark)
what made you think of this?

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