Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Good Day Giveaway

I do believe that it might be time for another giveaway, but perhaps something a little bit different this time. 

Myself and the delightful Sandra Dieckmann have decided to join forces for a super-massive-fun giveaway.  Up for grabs this time is...
A Day Out In London With Sani And Jamie!  

We will sort out travel for you to come to London at a time that suits you (and us) take you out for the day and even take you out for dinner!  We will surely have a grand day.  If, however, you don't want this or are not UK-based (apologies but flight fares might be pushing it) we are offering an alternative prize of a custom, collaborative illustration just for you!  Which is still pretty special.  We will also prepare a package of lovely illustrations, zines, books and whatever we can lay our grubby hands on for the winner.

There will also be second and third place prizes of a selection of goodies from us!  Lots of prizes!

If you would like the chance to win a day with myself and Sandra and all the other treats, then all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us about a good day you've had.  Doesn't have to be the best day of your life, just a day that was particularly good.  Feel free to leave a comment on Sandra's blog as well, but each entry will still only be counted once.

We'll be drawing the winners at random on Monday 5th September so get your comments in before then.

We look forward to meeting you!

(If you're not familiar with Sandra's work already then, I don't know where you've been but you should certainly go have a look at it)


LittleCanoe said...

Oh, I wish I lived in the UK for this! Unfortunately, I'm all the way out in Oregon! But a custom illustration would be priceless!
I think one of my favorite days was just yesterday! I went out to a farm outside of town to pick peaches and wander through the raspberry bushes picking berries straight and popping them into my mouth. Then we drove as far as we could following the sun until it went down, covering the hills in a pink glow. It was one of the best days I've had this summer!

rica said...

how fun! well. my good day happened just this month actually. it started off with some tears as some good days do, until this realization hit me: no one is responsible for my happiness but me, as i am not responsible for the happiness of others. now, you guys may already know this, but i most certainly did not and so it was a very good day for me, in spite of all the crying. i dried my eyes and cheeks, went out, and auditioned for an a capella group and sang like a beast. the music director asked me to return for the second round so fingers crossed, that may be another good day ahead. it may even win me a custom illustration. good begets more good ;)

We Blog Artists said...

Hey...wow, this is SUCH an AMAZING giveaway...I love both your and Sandra's work...thanks for the HUGE generousity on both your parts!!!
I promised I would leave my day...and quite a splendid one at that...over at Sandra's blog.


Lori Nicole said...

I'm such a fan of the both of you and am inspired by your work! Thanks for the opportunity. I wish I lived in the UK but unfortunately I'm in the south of the United States. But, anyway.., here's my good day.

I recently went on a trip to farming country in New York in the tiniest town I've ever been in, Spencer, to meet my boyfriend's parents and youngest sister. I had been working a lot and significantly stressed beforehand and had been looking forward to the trip for weeks. Several days into the trip, after a day of gambling at horse races with his dad, watching home movies of all his siblings when they were young, and having a delicious family dinner, we had managed to deplete the tiny house of most of its remaining food. It was about dusk and the weather was fantastic compared to the humidity-filled heat in the south, and my boyfriend and I set out on a walk to the only grocery in town. The grocery store is located next to the only stop light for miles and across the street from a quant pond filled with baby ducks I had seen earlier that day on a private walk. My boyfriend was trying very hard to get me to go across the street to the pond before getting groceries but I convinced him it would be more sensible to just carry the few bags with us around the pond after shopping because the store would close soon and there was a short cut on the other side. He conceded and after picking out four or five bags of food and drinks, we started around the pond. I was scatter-brained and paying attention only to finding baby ducks and set out quickly about halfway around the lake and kind of hollering for him to keep up when I felt a great tug on my arm and looked back to see my boyfriend on his knee and a hand scrambling under bags of groceries into his pocket. He prosed to me very sweetly with a ring a size too big and I said yes. It took longer to make it back to the house but when we did, his parents embraced me and cried and brought out drinks and we celebrated for hours.

A very good end to a very good day. :)

Unknown said...

Best day out has to be whipsnade zoo recently ... I was knocked out by the Giraffes... bloody gorgeous! They are so graceful and bigger than I could have ever imagined. Lou x

Jennifer Tomlin said...

Hi there,

Pleaaase select me, were such a big fan of both of youre work. I am an artist too and we specialize in pickling. Sometimes I just pickle beetroots but sometimes just pickling birds.

My best day was when I got a new cat. I have never been so sad.

The cat was called James and he was too good for this world.

Hope I win!!!!!!!


lolabythesea said...

I totally wrote you a rad long comment that just got deleted :( about how awesome your work is and how I would LOVE to hang with you and Sandratjie in London... but I'm in South Africa.

Good day was recently I had a car accident and didn't die... whereas two other people did. Thank God!

sydneyjean said...

This sounds flippin' awesome. It's times like this that I wish with all my might that I lived in London!

A good day I've had lately would be when I spent time with friends and loved ones at the beach. Doesn't get much better than that :)

Cheers! And also, both of you work is fantastic.

Breanna said...

A good day I had lately was when I spent the day driving around and shopping with my mother, and then going out to a little dinner at ihop afterwards. :)


anika said...

I love the idea of this giveaway. I already left a comment on Sandra's blog, but I'll leave a different good day story here:

I went to a lake yesterday with my nieces & nephew, and the water was perfect for swimming--a little chilly which offset the hot sun nicely. We had a good time bobbing around and floating and swimming. At one point I spied a snapping turtle just outside of the roped off swimming area! I think I was more freaked out than the kids. They just thought it was really neat. We stayed in a while longer, and saw the turtle one more time a little further away (thankfully). After we got tired out from swimming we went back to the car to get our lunch. We tried to have our picnic at one of the many tables, but there were so many yellow jackets that it was impossible. We took refuge in the car, and had our picnic in the cool air conditioning instead. They remarked that it was the first time they'd had an "indoor" picnic. On our way home we stopped off at the local soft serve ice cream shop and got big cones that we tried to eat before they melted too much. Despite the yellow jackets, everybody agreed that it was pretty much a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

A good day is any day spent walking up and down the Laguna Beach boardwalk, watching ice cream vendors sell their shares and darting away from the waves crashing up onto the sand down below, down where the sea meets the California coastline. I have had many such good days recently!

Iris Vank said...

What a great idea for a give-away. I live across the canal, so a day out would be quite difficult to arrange, but a custom-made illustration would be such a dream.

I think good days are the days that start really bad, but end up good. Like mine yesterday: my car didn't start, I forgot that I hung my blanket outside (and it started raining...), the tv didn't work and I fell down the stairs, from the top all the way down... But: I didn't break anything, I only have a blue buttcheeck and back. The car just had a hick-up and did start later the day. My man came home from a holiday and gave me a big hug (a careful one) and a kiss. So in the end the day coulnd't have ended better!

Jack Coltman said...

bus kitten

Everday is a good day because it means you can watch 'Space Jam'


Agata Duda said...

Today must be my bestestest day ever simply because i will be selected to spend the most adventurous day with most wonderfull people Jamie and Sandra. Let jump the roofs,lets fly the sky lets chase the sun, round and round.

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