Monday, 6 June 2011

Degree Show

Degree show opened last Friday, was a rather nice evening and all the illustration work has been really well received.  The show's open until this Friday; if you're out and about in Cheltenham before then I'd certainly recommend it.

My patch -

And some top notch University of Gloucestershire illustration students;

Richard Powell;

Sammy Borras;

Feel free to peruse through links to everyone on my course over here.


Annarack said...

WOW...Your drawings look so good and so professionally displayed. Your surrounded by lots of talent by what I can see other people have created. Well done dude.

kel said...

Looks excellent!

What's in those little frames in your bit? :)


Jamie Mills said...


Kelly: They're stones from my garden - the big piece was drawn from a microscopic photo taken of one of them. Thought it'd be quite interesting to display them next to it!

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