Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Some things...

Hello, thought I'd just do a little catch up.

Making Progress exhibition a couple of weeks ago was real nice; we were there for a week and had quite a few people interested in the work and plenty more who weren't too keen.  Big thankyou to Camille McCawley for organising everything; more photos of the work over on her blog.

Added a few more original drawings to my shop the other day as well.  PLUS having an April sale with 15% discount if you use the code APRILSFOOL.  Hard times are upon us.

And lastly, here's part of my submission for the very fun sounding WOW Gorillas project in Bristol.  This is part of the larger design that I submitted (excuse the weird quality scan) that, understandably, wasn't successful; I made a bit of a hash of the whole application, if I'm honest.  Really looking forward to seeing the finished gorillas standing around Bristol when they're completed!


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