Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I'm very happy to inform that an extremely talented individual named Euan McMeeken has agreed to create the score for the animation that I am still, feverishly, working away on.  He's part of a few musical projects but will be working on this as Glacis.  We're also going to be working together on a couple of other things, but it was after hearing his music that I knew what he does would be perfect for this, and I'm extremely grateful that he has agreed to so enthusiastically.  He's real good and extremely talented and I couldn't be happier and more keen to see what he makes once the animation is finished (I should really come up with some working title for it).

He's also set up mini50 records in Edinburgh, and has signed some really nice artists to the label.  You should definitely go have a look and listen and give your support over at the mini50 bandcamp page.  And also have a look through Euan's blog, the man's got real good taste.

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natekitch said...

look forward to seeing this finished piece

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