Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Menagerie

I feel like it's probably about time that you were introduced to the menagerie (I'm aware that a lot of you may already have been).  I got a phonecall from my Mother the other day saying that I needed to visit home to see the latest addition.  I get the distinct feeling that my parents are just getting dogs so that I visit them more often.  I'm not complaining though, because would you just look at her?  Spent the last two days playing - it's been very good.

Little Moose
Making friends
And the rest...
Poppy 'Pooch'
Making more friends, with Bugzy this time
Tigger 'The Pervert'

They're very good and I wish I had some pets where I currently live.  I think some rats would be a good addition.  Apologies for the long, irrelevant post - should probably upload some work, really...


fen and ned said...

That's the first time I've ever laughed at mention of a pervert, the picture is brilliant!
What a lovely bunch of characters!

Annarack said...

They are so darn cute!!!

Petal to Petal said...

Very cute :). My parents did the a lovely little puppy called Pixie to lure me works :)

Rica said...

i love Bodger's puffy cheeks. Moose is too cute, my goodness! Am not allowed to have pets at my apartment :/ I miss having dogs so much.

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