Monday, 10 January 2011

The Weiner

Big thankyou to everyone who entered the giveaway/followed this blog/left comments - very surprised and pleased at the response!
I put all of the names into a hat (a monkey hat, if you're interested) and drew out the winner and runners-up!

The winner is - Angelina Ioannides-Beer

 Followed closely by Rachel Clare Price and Alvind95

Congratulations to these 3, hopefully they can find something that they like from the shop!


Annarack said...

Well I'll be waiting for the next giveaway. I'm so depressed I did not win :(

Petal to Petal said...

Ah well done everyone! Absolutely gutted that I missed it, amazing work!

Jamie Mills said...

Oh no - now I feel bad!

Annarack said...

Good :)

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